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With his tendency to let a "darlin'" or two slip out in his Cajun drawl any time he's talking to a member of the fairer sex, how can you tell when tall country boy Miles Creek is actually flirting? That's his secret: he's always flirting! When Miles is really interested in a lovely lady, he'll find subtle ways to show it, like inviting her to hang out with him and chill by the pool, or asking her to take a ride on the back of his motorcycle. Of course, it just so happens that both of those activities might draw attention to his oversized package! Miles might convince hotties to join him for a quick skinny dip where he can let them sneak a peek at his massive cock. Or if the babe he's eyein' would rather head out on the open road, well, Miles confesses with a grin, "Motorcycles get me hard..." With his muscular frame and sculpted jawline, Miles has no shortage of honeys taking him up on his offers to get to know each other better. Watch his scenes now to find out why one look at his huge dick always seals the deal!

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