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Johnny Swoll

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Smooth-talking charmer Johnny Swoll has always been very popular with the ladies. This silver-tongued stud knows how to make picking up the hottest babes look easy, as all it takes is a quip and a smile for him to have the most beautiful women around eating out of his hand. Those who are jealous of Johnny's luck with the ladies often wonder how he has the confidence to bag a never-ending parade of stunners. Is it the fact he knows he's packing a thick dick that makes girls widen their eyes with glee before immediately jumping on? That certainly doesn't hurt! But the true secret to his success is most likely his chill, easygoing personality. Although Johnny may have a big cock, it doesn't make him cocky! Babes love being around Johnny because he knows how to give them the attention they love, both outside and inside the bedroom! Johnny's skills when it comes to fucking are second to none. If you're looking for tips on becoming more successful in your encounters with women, be sure to take notes!

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